Spring is springing!!!

Hopefully the new Peregrine pair will breed this year and the Peregrine pair that have been spotted on Doward Hill less than a mile away will hopefully breed this year also.

Its a raptor enthusiasts paradise with regular sightings of the majestic Buzzards, Goshawks, Sparrow hawks, Kestrels and Red Kites soring above the rock. Not only is the rock a great vantage point for bird watching, there has been regular sightings of Fallow Deer on Coppett Hill and in the fields below the rock face. The view point on the rock is also bustling with wildlife; the Wood Mouse, a variety of small bird species and one of the UK’s smallest Vole, the Bank Vole which is also on the endangered species list.

So fingers crossed it will be a good year for all the wildlife that help make the Forest of Dean an area of outstanding natural beauty.