Only locally sourced free range ingredients go into our food.

Please alert a member of staff to any special dietary requirements, intolerances or allergies.

We accept card or cash as payment.

GF – Gluten Free. VE – Vegan. DF – Dairy Free. V – Vegetarian

Hot drinks

Americano coffee£3.30 12oz
Decaf Americano coffee£3.30 12oz
Flat White£3.45 8oz
Espresso£2.00 8oz
Double Espresso£2.65
Cappuccino£3.45 12oz
Cafè Latte £3.45 12oz
Caramel shot / Pumpkin spice shot / Choc shot / Hazelnut shot / Vanilla shot / Chai shot75p extra
Mocha£3.80 12oz
Hot Chocolate£3.45
Hot Chocolate, cream and flake £5.00
Marshmallows50p extra
Fruit Tea£2.50
Herbal Tea£2.50

Home made cakes

Flapjack DF£3.00
Caramel Slice£3.00
Banana Cake£3.00
Ginger Cake£3.00
Coffee Cake£3.50
Chocolate Cake DF, GF£3.50
Lemon CakeGF£3.50
Carrot Cake£3.50
Fruit Cake£3.50
Almond Slice£3.50


Breakfast is served between 10.00am and 12.00midday.

Breakfast Butty:
Sausage, bacon and egg
Veggie Butty:
Sausage and egg
Vegan sausage sandwich and Mushroom ButtyVE, DF£5.50
Bacon butty£4.80
Sausage Butty£4.80


Homemade Forester Pasties:
Beef, lamb, vegetarian or vegan
V, VE£6.60
Sausage Roll.£2.80
Paninis – choose two fillings:
Ham, bacon, cheddar cheese, tuna, sun dried tomato, onions and chutney (please add 75p per extra filling)
Toasties – choose your fillings:
Cheddar cheese, ham, bacon, tuna, onions, pickle, tomato
Fresh Rolls – choose your fillings:
Cheddar cheese, ham, tuna, pickle, tomato
Sandwiches – choose your fillings:
Cheddar cheese, ham, tuna, pickle, tomato
Veggie burger with:
Crisp salad and local cheddar cheese
Vegan burger on wholemeal with crisp salad and vegan mayo VE£7.00
Hot dog. ( Veggie option available).V£4.90

Childrens ‘Little Acorns’ menu

Bacon sandwich or roll.
Veggie or Vegan options available.
Sausage sandwich£3.85
Ham and cheese sandwich GF£3.50
Local sausage rolls£2.80
Hot dog £4.00
Hot dog. (Veggie option available).V£4.00